About Us

Greenus Canada... origin, background and purpose

Founded in Vancouver, British Columbia, by experienced professionals in international business who were trained in successful corporations, Greenus is the entry and strengthening path for your stable and successful business life in Canada.

Professionals in business development decided to unite their talent to create Greenus and bring their practical knowledge to grow many other companies as they did in the past for the companies they worked for.

We have already gone through a long learning curve so that the accumulated experience is available for immediate use, it means, to produce money and worth with no time to waste.

Vancouver BC, Greenus's birthplace

Vancouver BC, Greenus's birthplace

We do...


Our main business is your business

We are the path of entry, growth and strengthening of your business and financial freedom in Canada.

Our main objective is...

... to take you by the hand for your initiation as a successful and solid investor. We provide in a one-stop the portfolio, resources and support necessary to acquire a business in operation risk-free  and under the Canadian laws. This is the easiest and fastest way to expand your business in Canada.

If your manufacture exportable products abroad...

We are willing to represent you and  open new markets (business development) in Canada for your products manufactured in your home country.

Canadian companies with exportable products

For Canadian companies that wish to sell internationally, we place your products in Asia, Europe and Latin America through our dealer network. We do have agents who speak Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Chinese and Farsi, among other languages.

Young guy or lady willing to succeed

We also have the Freedom Financial Program created mainly (but not exclusively) for young people who want to start  business life from an early age.

We are organized in two divisions

Business in Canada Division (BiCD)

The main role is to offer a portfolio of business in operation for investors who want to initiate or expand business in Canada. For overseas customers our legal department assists you throughout the immigration process.

International Business Development Division (IBDD)

This division makes grow your sales internationally. We are specialist in B2B and we speak the languages of the most important markets. All related services are also provided such as legal support, trade shows, translations, logistics, temporary office, permits, labelling, just to mention a few.

Business for you


Who are our customers

  • Experienced or new entrepreneurs
  • Foreign businessmen/corporations who want to expand their business in Canada
  • Large and small investors planning to immigrate to Canada or to continue living in their home country, either way.
  • Companies who want to sell internationally
  • Young people with entrepreneurial spirit who want to start their way to financial freedom early.


Why to buy a business already in operation?

In most cases, buying an existing business is less risky than starting from scratch. When you buy a business, you take over an operation that's already generating cash flow and profits. You have an established customer base, reputation and employees who are familiar with all aspects of the business.

Our portfolio ranges from small family businesses to large corporations. Contact us for businesses that, for reasons of confidentiality agreements, can not be listed publicly, or for special searches.

Our brokers are certified according to the Canadian law in this matter.


Close the deal

Our specialists in business development, speaking different languages  (Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, among others),  have made win thousand of million of dollar. We have the ability for permanently sell your products internationally. 

We work  on sales commissions basis so we are a quick and no risk path (non an unproductive burden) to international sales.